The Wellness Centre Ltd was founded in 2004 and is a Licensed Health Facility, with a team of clinical specialists who provide a wide range of comprehensive psychological, mental health, behavioural interventions and corporate wellness services to individuals, families and organizations in the Cayman Islands. Our staff is licensed in various international regulatory bodies associated with their area of specialized services as well as with the Cayman Islands Health Regulatory Council for Professionals Allied with Medicine (CPAM). We pride ourselves of providing high quality, evidenced based clinical interventions in an environment of compassion and support. Confidentiality is our priority and we pride ourselves on efforts to reduce the stigma and increase our communities understanding of mental health and mental health care. We believe in a holistic approach to health care and work closely with families, primary care physicians, schools and employers to building a healthier community.

There are many types of mental health professionals. At The Wellness Centre we employ psychologists, mental health counselors, family therapists and behavioural therapists. Finding the right clinician to assist you may require some research and a time. It is important when choosing a mental health professional in The Cayman Islands that you contact the Health Practice Commission for the Council of Professions Allied with Medicine’s register of recognized practitioners.


Once you make an appointment at The Wellness Centre you will be invited to attend an Intake Appointment. The intake appointment is a time to share the reason for seeking counselling, your goals for counselling and any concerns or questions you might have about the process, our clinical staff or our policies.

Evidence Based Practice: Our clinical team works collaboratively, using an evidenced based practice model. An Evidence Based Practice takes into consideration 3 key components necessary for successful treatment of any medical condition, including mental health problem and illnesses; 1) scientific evidence, 2) professional judgement and 3) personal values & preferences. Any evidence-based treatment programme for you or your family member should include interventions or models of therapy for which there is scientific evidence, professionals who are qualified to provide clinical judgement and deliver therapy and most importantly your individual or family’s preferences and values.

At The Wellness Centre we do our best to ensure that client’s needs and experiences are best suited to therapist skill set and theoretical orientation. If you don’t feel comfortable after the first, or even several visits, talk about your feelings at your next meeting; don’t be afraid to contact another mental health professional. Feeling comfortable with whomever you choose is very important to the success of your mental health treatment!

To learn more or to get started please contact us on (345) 949-9355 or by email at info@wellnesscentre.ky